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We are focusing our portfolio on the highest quality flagship destinations and premium outlets in key cities across the UK and Europe.
By applying our expertise and skills, we have significant opportunities to generate value for all stakeholders over the longer term.

Our Portfolio

  • 14 Countries
  • 21 Flagship destinations
  • 9 Retail Parks
  • 20 Premium Outlets
  • 2.2m2 Lettable Area
  • 4,700 Tenants

Our Portfolio

Where people and brands want to be

Portfolio Value1


  • Flagship destinations: UK
  • Flagship destinations: France
  • Flagship destinations: Ireland
  • Premium outlets: VIA Outlets
  • Retail Parks: UK
  • Premium outlets: Value Retail
  • Developments and UK other

1.As at 31 December 2019. Proportionally consolidated, including premium outlets and recognition of UK retail parks impairment following reclassification as assets held for sale. See page 50 of the Financial review for a description of the presentation of financial information. A full list of our properties is shown on pages 202 and 203.

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