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Schedule 5 Block Listing 6 Monthly Return


To: The FSA

Date: 17 December 2005

  1. Name of company
    Hammerson plc
  2. Name of scheme
    1995 Executive Share Option Scheme
  3. Period of return:
    From 17.06.05 To 16.12.05
  4. Number and class of shares(s) (amount of stock / debt security) not issued under scheme
  5. Number of shares issued / allotted under scheme during period:
  6. Balance under scheme not yet issued / allotted at end of period
  7. Number and class of share(s) (amount of stock / debt securities) originally listed and the date of admission;
    200,000 (18 December 1996)
    1,400,000 (12 February 1996)
    3,000,000 (1 July 2002)

Please confirm total number of shares in issue at the end of the period in order for us to update our records

Contact for queries:

Emma Scales
Hammerson plc
100 Park Lane
Telephone 020 7887 1018

Person making the return:

Stuart Haydonstrong

Company Secretary


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