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Mate.Bike opens pop-up at Bullring & Grand Central


New Hammerson partnership with Appear Here to launch in the New Year

Hammerson has announced that the Copenhagen-based start-up Mate.Bike has opened a new pop-up store at Bullring & Grand Central. The electric bike brand has opened a showroom on the Upper West Mall (near to the LEGO and H&M Home stores) to showcase its famed bike designs as well as a test ride area on the Upper East Mall (close to Selfridges). The store will be operated by MATEBIKE.UK.

The pop-up, which opened on Saturday, is part of a new portfolio-wide partnership between Hammerson and Appear Here, the world’s leading marketplace to rent space, which will officially launch in the New Year.

Mate.Bike was started by brother and sister Julie and Christian from Denmark in 2016. Unable to find a good looking practical electric bike, they went on to design their own. With a mission to tackle climate change, congestion and health issues, without sacrificing fashion, they came up with the iconic bike designs we see today in the form of MATE bikes.

Iain Mitchell, UK Commercial Director at Hammerson, said: “After the year we’ve had, we know that many of our customers are keen to get out and about and discover something new, and this pop-up will really deliver that. Finding ways to get some exercise and stay fit has been crucial this year, so Mate.Bike is opening at just the right time. We have some really exciting plans with Appear Here, this pop-up is just the first step – we can’t wait to talk about them in more detail in the New Year.”

Naveed Khawaja, Director at Mate.Bike, added: “We couldn’t be more excited to come to the UK’s greatest shopping centre and to help ignite the electric bike revolution in Birmingham!”