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Hammerson Scrip Dividend Scheme

As announced on 26 July 2017, Hammerson will not be offering a Scrip Dividend alternative for the 2017 interim dividend, but for shareholders who wish to receive their dividend in the form of shares, the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) will be available. For further information on the DRIP, please contact Link Asset Services using the details on the Shareholder Information page.

Scrip dividends enable shareholders to increase their holding in the Company in a simple, cost effective way, by receiving new ordinary shares in Hammerson plc instead of cash. At the same time, the Company retains the cash in the business that would otherwise be paid out as a dividend. Shares issued pursuant to the Scheme will carry the same voting rights as existing Ordinary Shares and will rank equally with the existing Ordinary Shares in all respects.

The Scheme Guidance booklet explains the terms and conditions of the Scheme.