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Product Experience Framework

Uniquely differentiated by our Product Experience Framework…

Our Product Experience Framework is embedded across everything we do, providing a unique point of differentiation and sustainability

Our Framework

Customer First

The success of our destinations relies on first class customer service and exceptional reasons for people to visit. A refreshing line-up of brands and world-class entertainment encourages consumers to spend time at our venues.

Iconic Destinations

We create outstanding, architecturally significant destinations in thriving cities where people and brands want to be – all connected by seamless and experience enhancing technology and convenient transportation links.

Experience Led

We ensure that our brand line-up and exceptional events drive experience in our physical destinations. This is demonstrated by our footfall with customers looking for exciting ways to spend their ever precious free time.

Retail Specialisation

We build strong relationships with our partners and brands and support them in their multichannel journey – through providing flexible space for retailers’ changing needs and considering future consumer challenges.

Stakeholder Value

Working with Hammerson