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Board Diversity Policy

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Board Diversity Policy



This policy sets out the approach to diversity in respect of the Board of Directors of Hammerson plc (Hammerson).

Policy Statement

The Board recognises the benefits of diversity in its broadest sense in the boardroom as well as throughout the business.  Diversity on the Board and in senior teams enables wider perspectives which encourage more effective discussions and better decision-making.  Diversity encompasses not only gender and ethnicity but diversity of skills, background, knowledge, international and industry experience and other qualities.  The skills and backgrounds collectively represented on the Board should reflect the environment in which the business operates.

Diversity and inclusion are embraced at all levels in Hammerson and are reflected in the Company’s culture and values which help deliver Hammerson’s strategic objectives.


The Board, supported by the Nomination Committee will:

  • Consider all aspects of diversity including gender and ethnicity when reviewing the composition and balance of the Board and when conducting the annual Board effectiveness review.
  • Aim to improve gender diversity at Board and senior management level by working to achieve at least one third women on the Board, the Group Executive Committee and direct reports to the Group Executive Committee by 2020.
  • Encourage and monitor the development of internal high calibre employees including considering all aspects of diversity to help support the internal talent pipeline for succession at both Board and senior management level.
  • Oversee succession plans to ensure that they meet both current and future needs of the business.
  • Oversee plans for diversity and inclusion and assess progress annually.
  • Only engage executive search firms who have signed up to the voluntary Code of Conduct on gender diversity and best practice.
  • Ensure that candidate lists for Non-Executive Director positions are compiled by drawing from a broad and diverse range of candidates including those who may not have previous listed company experience but who possess suitable skills or qualities.
  • Consider candidates for Non-Executive Director positions against objective criteria with regard to the benefits of diversity.

Notwithstanding the above, all Board and senior management appointments will be made on merit.



A summary of this policy will be disclosed in the Annual Report and published on the Company’s website.


The Board will periodically review this policy and its effectiveness.

Approved and adopted by the Board on 22 February 2018